BETEK Abrasion Resistant (A/R) Studs

Whether the application is soil mixing, trench cutting or milling and grinding, BETEK Abrasion Resistant (A/R) TungStuds and attachments are the best solution. Fitted with a tungsten carbide core, TungStuds are the first to come in contact with the excavated material and are exposed and able to withstand extreme abrasion. In addition to protection against direct wear, the material packed around the TungStuds acts as a natural buffer being material against material (rock box or dead bed effect). This drastically reduces direct wear on the metal surfaces caused by abrasive aggregates. Only re-application of the studs is required rather than replacement of expensive spare parts due to worn metal surfaces. Using Betek TungStuds without a doubt will dramatically reduce maintenance costs and down time. CANSTUD has several rental machines for sites with power or no power and can provide you with the appropriate stud-welding machine for your A/R application.

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